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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

me so greedi

Hello my priitis!
It's been a while. I miss blogging. I have to say the mind has been pritti dry, and I don't want to just blabber on about nothing.

This post is about how the Holidays makes people so greedy. I want this, I want that.

Every time I go shopping, I complete my "I need" list... cozy sweater (appropriate for streaming), work skirts, fun nylons, dress for new year, tights... the list goes on!
Then, not a week goes by and I open a magazine, or watch some TV, only to add more stuff on this "I need" list. I thought I just crossed everything off??

Here is my I need/want list, things that are way to expensive for my debts right now:
  1. SLR Camera (maybe a Canon, I hate Nikon's customer service)
  2. A chaise for my living-room ( I NEED more seating)
  3. Ugg Adirondack boots (I already have SORELS!! but I find them bulky)
  4. Brown leather Jacket (not sure what brand)
  5. Long CanadaGoose Jacket (sold my Aritzia one, and I have a short red CG already)
  6. Longchamps makeup bag (can't justify 50$ for it!)
  7. New skis (gotta learn to ski this winter first)
  8. BOSE speaker system for my TV (I just need a speaker set, it doesn't have to be bose)
  9. Armoir for my kitchen (I just need to spot one at an antique show that I like)
  10. Travel to Europe! (I have at least 5 more countries I want to see before we start a family... which is in a while still ....)
That's not all... I have a list of things that I need for the house like blinds, rugs and a BED!! This is on my house "NEED" list :S It's okay if you dream about this, but let me remind you that I am in DEBT here people!!

I don't like being greedy though, I have everything I ever wanted and I just have to keep reminding myself that.
I really need to readjust for 2011. I am bad at holding promises to myself, so I will gently remind myself to read this post if I get too greedi.

Now.... all I need to do is copy paste this and my Christmas list is done! haha