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Sunday, October 14, 2012

me so crafti

Hello my pritti's,
I've been in nesting mode and feeling very creative and crafty. I have a whole slew of "must do" that I have compiled over the years. I know many of us are like that. You just need to get down to it and start... or get pregnant! haha

Here is a project that I worked on this weekend for the baby room. I found this old wood frame at my sister's hobby farm near her barn. You can do so much with these frames, like insert mirror, fabric, chalk board or just plain old cork! It all depends on what you need it for and what your budget is.

My budget: The frame was free, I spent $12 on a pack of 4 cork tiles and $20 for the paint. It sounds expensive, but I will be using the paint for  some furniture in the baby room, so it's worth it.

My materials: Frame, paint, brush, sand paper (corse), hammer, small nails with flat heads (x16), carpenters glue, reinforcement board, cork tiles, exacto knife.

It took a few days between the paint and glue to dry, but it's finally done! Here are the steps I took:

Take your old frame, clean the debris and old glass on the edges. Sand down to get all the shards of wood off. Brush with a dry brush before painting to get rid of all the dust and particles.
Paint frame with melamine based paint, may need 2 coats depending on the look you are going for. I let each side dry for 1 day (as you can see I also had to repair a piece of the wood that was coming out, I used wood glue for that).
When it's dry, sand the paint if you are looking for a rough look.
Place cork on the back side of the frame and cut pieces to fit the proper space.  The cork tiles I bought came in a thicker style, but didn't measure out perfectly.

Nail in the cork on the ends. Be careful not to pierce through the board on the front side!
Use wood glue and glue reinforcement boards on the back if necessary. I found this board in our workshop.
Finished back side of the board

Presto! Finished cork board!
I can't wait to hang this up and put some pics of the family for the baby room :)
I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me your comments below.