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Sunday, October 14, 2012

me so crafti

Hello my pritti's,
I've been in nesting mode and feeling very creative and crafty. I have a whole slew of "must do" that I have compiled over the years. I know many of us are like that. You just need to get down to it and start... or get pregnant! haha

Here is a project that I worked on this weekend for the baby room. I found this old wood frame at my sister's hobby farm near her barn. You can do so much with these frames, like insert mirror, fabric, chalk board or just plain old cork! It all depends on what you need it for and what your budget is.

My budget: The frame was free, I spent $12 on a pack of 4 cork tiles and $20 for the paint. It sounds expensive, but I will be using the paint for  some furniture in the baby room, so it's worth it.

My materials: Frame, paint, brush, sand paper (corse), hammer, small nails with flat heads (x16), carpenters glue, reinforcement board, cork tiles, exacto knife.

It took a few days between the paint and glue to dry, but it's finally done! Here are the steps I took:

Take your old frame, clean the debris and old glass on the edges. Sand down to get all the shards of wood off. Brush with a dry brush before painting to get rid of all the dust and particles.
Paint frame with melamine based paint, may need 2 coats depending on the look you are going for. I let each side dry for 1 day (as you can see I also had to repair a piece of the wood that was coming out, I used wood glue for that).
When it's dry, sand the paint if you are looking for a rough look.
Place cork on the back side of the frame and cut pieces to fit the proper space.  The cork tiles I bought came in a thicker style, but didn't measure out perfectly.

Nail in the cork on the ends. Be careful not to pierce through the board on the front side!
Use wood glue and glue reinforcement boards on the back if necessary. I found this board in our workshop.
Finished back side of the board

Presto! Finished cork board!
I can't wait to hang this up and put some pics of the family for the baby room :)
I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me your comments below.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oops...I buynt it!

Hello my prittis, 
Long time no chat!

So, I did something really dumb the other morning. "I know, why don't I make oatmeal, and leave it unattended, while I blow dry my hair to save time! Genius!"... not so much!

I buynt my stainless steel pot...paderno... expensive!

Naturally, I asked my "Google" toolbar for help "How to clean burnt pot". I watched a youtube video and tried it for myself. This was burnt milk from my oatmeal. It was sitting in water for 3 days and was pretty much a write off. I was really upset that I couldn't get any of it out.

Guess what- it worked!!! I took pics to prove it :)

Now I don't have to throw out my good pot!

I hope you can use this 2 minute trick. It works on stainless steel and casserole dishes too.

Have a great long weekend my prittis!


My buynt pot :(

Add some dish soap and a table spoon of soda

Add some water

Boil the concoction at high heat- watch out! Mine overflowed quickly! For casserole dishes, place in oven on high heat, but keep an eye on it. 

This picture was to show the steamy boiled concoction

Poor out water and start scrubbing with a brush- I used an abrasive brush because this was burnt milk! I was surprised that it works almost immediately. It was coming out in chunks. 

Add more soda and soap and a bit of water to make a paste, it scrubs better too.

A bit more elbow grease and presto! My beautiful pot is back to normal!

Friday, May 11, 2012

So, I wore spanx the other day...

And I felt miserable!
What a self mutilating, skin cutting, rib jabbing piece of undergarment. Wonder if it was invented by a man? Save that for another blog post!

As much as I was happy to feel svelte (I pronounce this shvelt) in my dress at a work conference, every bathroom break was a nightmare and sitting all day in my asphyxiating shorts was killer.

So the question is, why am I still planning on wearing them? Because for now, it's my only choice :(

The good news is, not for long! I have recently discovered a new line of fashionable/medical hosiery and undergarment line called "Solidea". They have nylons, shorts, tummy tuckers, you name it! The best part is that they are compression wear that work better than spanx. The reason is, they are medically controlled to hold you in the right places and not just cut off your circulation. It gradually compresses and doesn't induce the muffin top effect.

I can't wear any other type of nylons anymore, because these ones actually stay up! Oh, and by the way, compression in your legs will give you more energy and help with any vein issues too. Some even have anti-bacterial silver fibbers to help keep you fresh, and a wave technology that helps massage the cellulite out of your legs! Bonus.

Because I am a huge believer in this line, I have decided to become a rep for Solidea products!

My first item on the agenda is getting a pair of tummy tucking shorts and then cutting up my spanx. I am ready to share pictures with you once I test out the new shorts!

I am thinking of hosting a "Solidea" party where a bunch of girls can get together and check out some of the products. They are not very cheap, but they will last up to 6 months and are pretty strong, so no running into any runs in the near future!

I'd love to know your undergarment troubles, please do share.

In the meantime, here is the new Solidea blog I am working on:

Let me know what you think!

Stay "tight" my prittis xox

Monday, January 16, 2012

trying Wen- day 1

Hello my prittis,

I hope you are are feeling better than I do. I have been sick with a virus, today is Day 10.
As much as it is supposed to be fun staying at home, I much prefer going to work. I have filled my time with lots of Parks and Recreation and too much daytime tv, which we all know sucks!

Today, however, was a slightly better day. I received my (frozen) "Wen" cleansing conditioner! And of course, I struck up the courage to get in that shower and test it out!

As you all have seen, I love me some infomercials, but I don't always cave in and buy them. I though this Wen stuff was a good price ($30) and should last me a few months. I think some of you are thinking "Is she crazy, $30 on shampoo!!"... but I have done much worse :S

Please note that this review is not a promotional one, I decided to test this out for all the curious women out there who do not trust it. Also note that when you buy this product online, you are committing to a replenishing supply of it, I bought a one time use bottle which costs just a bit more. I was upgraded to the "Fig" scented cleanser which is supposed to be more moisturizing that the typical almond one.

Okay, so the directions are quite detailed, but I tried to follow them as best as I could, seeing as my product was still frozen and the instructions are hard to read on the bottle.

So here goes: Rinse, massage product in, add splash of water, more massaging, comb through hair, clean up all the hair on the wall, leave in for 5 min, and rinse again. Add a bit as leave in conditioner if needed.

What I liked right away is that you can tell it's moisturizing but not oily. Hard to imagine, but you will get what I mean if you try it. What I would do differently next time is add more product, leave it in for longer and get a comb before I get in the shower!

I want to post a picture of my hair on day 1, but I am so sick and really, really unattractive... (p.s. I am not a vain person).
On the before/after pictures of the Wen site, they always use the 3 week mark. If I notice any changes before than, I will share some pics :)

Hope this review helped you guys!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

addicted to... infomercials

Hello my prittis,
I am battling a cold, I think it might be bronchitis, so I have been watching lots of tv. Like lots. An unhealthy amount. What else do you do when you have no energy. I can't sleep because I am wheezing and it's waking me up. So I am watching tv at the wee hours of the night.

But, what I love most about not finding anything good on tv... settling for infomercials. Yes, I am sick in the head. I know. Here is a list of some favourites as well as things that I have actually purchased.
I want this next!

  1. Ron Co knives set. Yep, I bought them. All 24 of them! I actually use them on a regular basis. I have been happy with them, although I find them too light. These I bought over 8 years ago, so had I known about Henkel, I would not have purchased these. What I do like is that you get 8 steak knives with it. That's pretty good.
  2. The dolly/step ladder/everything doer. We tried to order this when we where at the condo, but they sold out :(
  3. MAGIC BULLET! An obvious one here folks. I bought mine at Canadian Tire. It's a cop out. Regarding the commercial, one of my top favourite things to watch. The crazy old smoker lady is the best!
  4. The "AH-Bra"... bought it in Florida at Wallgreens, Returned immediately, what a crock of $%*&.
  5. Wen cleansing conditionner, just placed my order yesterday!
  6. Ab flex, my parents bought one a long time ago. What a waste of money and space. Also a really dumb concept if you think about it!
  7. The Tobi Steamer. My husband bought me a steamer for my birthday a long time ago. It's supposed to be a better than Tobi... but I guess I will never know.
  8. Shamwow- I HATE this commercial, I hate it. I do not own a Shamwow... for the record.
  9. Billy Maze's mighty putty, yes... I want to repair everything in my house with putty!
  10. H20 Mop x5.... this I want for my floors. I have friends who say that the best floor cleaner they ever bought was a steam mop. Damn it, I will be buying this if it's the last thing I do!
What are some of your favourite informercials or products "As seen on TV"?
Do you like that you can just buy them at the "As seen on TV stores"? Or would be rather be disappointed in the comfort of your own home?

Can't wait to hear your comments!
Bye for now!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

in hindsight 2

Hello my prittis, 

Please read "in hindsight 1" before reading this post... you will see how it makes more sense.

I would like to review "a little less more, ... more or less". In this post I talk about simplifying your wardrobe and sticking with fewer, more valuable items in your closet that loading up on "meh" items. The amazing "quality not quantity" philosophy!

Well, clean up I did! I finally had my long awaited garage sale, which was a true lesson learnt. You pay $50 for something and desperately sell it for $1. If you can get over that major loss, you end up with $150 in your pocket after a long days work, and you are left with less trash in your basement. I love. I bought groceries with that money and it felt great!

I also sold many things on kijiji like my old iPhone, an extra camera I received from my parents... great way to earn a few bucks and help you buy the things you really want.

Now, 2011 was still a year of shopping and collecting, don't get me wrong. I bought lots of cool stuff at garage sales. I also picked up a lot of stuff on the side of the road (PROJECTS!!).

As for an official list of things I want and things I want to accomplish for 2012:
- A Kitchen Aid Food processor
- A guitar and some lessons
- Perform at an open mic
- Get back into shape and lose 25lbs
- Stay on track with my debt repayment, so far so good. 2 more years and I should be good!
- Finish some basic renos in the house
- Blog more!

Now that I have this all written down, it should help me stay on target. Here's hoping!

in hindsight 1

Hello my prittis!
I was looking through my blog and was reminded of a few posts I made in late 2011. This is just over a year from now, which is a perfect time to evaluate my promises, hopes and aspirations for 2011.

Let's start with "me so greedy"which is my compilation of a want list for xmas. Although I said I wouldn't be greedy, somehow I managed to knock off a few things from the list!

  1. Still want a digital SLR camera, I just haven't had the time to do my research yet. I might use my air miles though :)
  2. I bought a chaise for the living room on Kijiji ($200). It's in mint condition and I love it! 
  3. Just bough the Adirondacks! Full price (these puppies do NOT go on sale). Amazingly worth the price. I sold the SORELS at my garage sale in May.
  4. Bought a black leather jacket on consignment (Extoggery- Toronto) for $150. Fits like a glove and it's a high end design.
  5. Don't need this Canada Goose Jacket. I have a nice one I bought at Joe Fresh!
  6. I can't justify this price for a Longchamps makeup bag. But I found a nice one, on sale, at the GAP for $15. I love it!
  7. Don't really want skis this year.
  8. My husband and I asked for help to buy a speaker system this xmas. We used all the cash and gift cards and bought an LG blue ray, dvd receiver 5.1 set (not BOSE :( ). It was a great price and it matches our tv. We spent $89 of our own money and we are happy with it.
  9. I bought a beautiful Armoire for the living room at the Ottawa Antique Show. I posted about it here
  10. Europe- YES! I still want to go. What I did to calm the urge of travelling was book a "Fake" trip to Italy. I planned my route, what cities I would go to, shopped for the cheapest flights. The thrill of doing that research alone was fun enough that I was able to delay the trip... until I have enough money saved up. Funny story- a colleague at work bought me a suitcase pandora charm for my birthday to encourage me to finally take a real trip to Italia! 

My prittis, I have to say I am impressed with myself. I managed to get many things crossed off my list, and at a fair price too. This is a very helpful and interesting exercise. I highly recommend it :)

MPPP- mani pedi pet peeves

Happy New Years to my Prittis!

Today I had a relaxing day, I was treated to a mani pedi! Awesome, right? Well, not exactly.
I actually find it very stressful. I am not an aesthetician by any means, but I have a natural talent when it comes to primping. I have always done my own hair, makeup, nails, brows, waxing... it's just something I had to learn to do myself to save money. When I have others do it for me, I am a complete control freak! I admit it. (For those who don't know me, I am an easy going person, and this is so not my personality.)

My nails are something that are very important to me. I have always loved and strived to have nice long nails. I need to file them just right, my way, and I usually have them filed nicely. They cannot have any jagged or pointy edges, we are talking smooth! I run them over a wool scarf or sweater to see if any little thorn gets caught, that is the true test! I try to have them all the same length, so if one breaks, buh-bye to the rest!

I have had some traumatic experience at salon's where I come in with perfectly filed nails and have them ruined by the nail women/man. DON'T just file for the sake of FILING! On top of that I always get comments like "Oh, you do nice filing job". I KNOW! SO DON'T RUIN IT! This is where the anxiety kicks in. Yes, I have had to grab the file out of their hands and fix it. A small price to pay to endure the end result.

Here is what I find stressful:

  1. When they cut your toe nails, it should be in a straight line. NEVER cut the sides, this will induce ingrown toe nails. (nail care 101).
  2. I have sensitive nails, so when they stab tools under my nails, it HURTS!
  3. I can't trust the cutting of the cuticle, sometimes they dig a bit too much. 
  4. All in all I can't stand it when other people file my nails. It makes me cringe!
  5. The nail sander... not a regularly used tool, but I am afraid of it none-the-less.
  6. Let's face it... most times there is a language barrier which always stresses me out. "Are they talking about me?"

I mean, it's not all bad. Here is what I love!

  1. They usually do a good job with the application an even glossy finish.
  2. UV lights really harden the polish so it lasts longer.
  3. LOVE the massage parts. Both hands and feet.
  4. Great selection of colours... although I own a million colours in OPI, so I could open my own salon.

Here are some great nail care secrets I have learned from my past:
- Always us a glass file, ALWAYS!!! They keep your nails smooth and they grow really nicely.
- I use a magical nail protein polish that makes your nails amazingly strong and grow beautifully. A must for brittle nails! It's good for top coat and base coat too!
- Use cream at night for hands and cuticles (I try, but this is a tough one... I have a hard time committing to a routine)
- Trim nails regularly, don't file them all the way down.
- Using gloves when you wash dishes... but this is impossible if you are an avid cook (like me- I also almost never use my dishwasher).
- Let your nails breath, don't cover them with polish all the time.

My top 5 OPI polishes- Big Apple Red, Lincoln Park After Dark, You Don't Know Jacques!, Dulce De Leche (a.k.a. Clean),  Bubble Bath
I hope you enjoyed this post. Give me your feedback, I would love to hear from you. I can't believe I just shared my nail secrets to the world!! hahaha