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Sunday, January 8, 2012

addicted to... infomercials

Hello my prittis,
I am battling a cold, I think it might be bronchitis, so I have been watching lots of tv. Like lots. An unhealthy amount. What else do you do when you have no energy. I can't sleep because I am wheezing and it's waking me up. So I am watching tv at the wee hours of the night.

But, what I love most about not finding anything good on tv... settling for infomercials. Yes, I am sick in the head. I know. Here is a list of some favourites as well as things that I have actually purchased.
I want this next!

  1. Ron Co knives set. Yep, I bought them. All 24 of them! I actually use them on a regular basis. I have been happy with them, although I find them too light. These I bought over 8 years ago, so had I known about Henkel, I would not have purchased these. What I do like is that you get 8 steak knives with it. That's pretty good.
  2. The dolly/step ladder/everything doer. We tried to order this when we where at the condo, but they sold out :(
  3. MAGIC BULLET! An obvious one here folks. I bought mine at Canadian Tire. It's a cop out. Regarding the commercial, one of my top favourite things to watch. The crazy old smoker lady is the best!
  4. The "AH-Bra"... bought it in Florida at Wallgreens, Returned immediately, what a crock of $%*&.
  5. Wen cleansing conditionner, just placed my order yesterday!
  6. Ab flex, my parents bought one a long time ago. What a waste of money and space. Also a really dumb concept if you think about it!
  7. The Tobi Steamer. My husband bought me a steamer for my birthday a long time ago. It's supposed to be a better than Tobi... but I guess I will never know.
  8. Shamwow- I HATE this commercial, I hate it. I do not own a Shamwow... for the record.
  9. Billy Maze's mighty putty, yes... I want to repair everything in my house with putty!
  10. H20 Mop x5.... this I want for my floors. I have friends who say that the best floor cleaner they ever bought was a steam mop. Damn it, I will be buying this if it's the last thing I do!
What are some of your favourite informercials or products "As seen on TV"?
Do you like that you can just buy them at the "As seen on TV stores"? Or would be rather be disappointed in the comfort of your own home?

Can't wait to hear your comments!
Bye for now!

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