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Saturday, January 7, 2012

MPPP- mani pedi pet peeves

Happy New Years to my Prittis!

Today I had a relaxing day, I was treated to a mani pedi! Awesome, right? Well, not exactly.
I actually find it very stressful. I am not an aesthetician by any means, but I have a natural talent when it comes to primping. I have always done my own hair, makeup, nails, brows, waxing... it's just something I had to learn to do myself to save money. When I have others do it for me, I am a complete control freak! I admit it. (For those who don't know me, I am an easy going person, and this is so not my personality.)

My nails are something that are very important to me. I have always loved and strived to have nice long nails. I need to file them just right, my way, and I usually have them filed nicely. They cannot have any jagged or pointy edges, we are talking smooth! I run them over a wool scarf or sweater to see if any little thorn gets caught, that is the true test! I try to have them all the same length, so if one breaks, buh-bye to the rest!

I have had some traumatic experience at salon's where I come in with perfectly filed nails and have them ruined by the nail women/man. DON'T just file for the sake of FILING! On top of that I always get comments like "Oh, you do nice filing job". I KNOW! SO DON'T RUIN IT! This is where the anxiety kicks in. Yes, I have had to grab the file out of their hands and fix it. A small price to pay to endure the end result.

Here is what I find stressful:

  1. When they cut your toe nails, it should be in a straight line. NEVER cut the sides, this will induce ingrown toe nails. (nail care 101).
  2. I have sensitive nails, so when they stab tools under my nails, it HURTS!
  3. I can't trust the cutting of the cuticle, sometimes they dig a bit too much. 
  4. All in all I can't stand it when other people file my nails. It makes me cringe!
  5. The nail sander... not a regularly used tool, but I am afraid of it none-the-less.
  6. Let's face it... most times there is a language barrier which always stresses me out. "Are they talking about me?"

I mean, it's not all bad. Here is what I love!

  1. They usually do a good job with the application an even glossy finish.
  2. UV lights really harden the polish so it lasts longer.
  3. LOVE the massage parts. Both hands and feet.
  4. Great selection of colours... although I own a million colours in OPI, so I could open my own salon.

Here are some great nail care secrets I have learned from my past:
- Always us a glass file, ALWAYS!!! They keep your nails smooth and they grow really nicely.
- I use a magical nail protein polish that makes your nails amazingly strong and grow beautifully. A must for brittle nails! It's good for top coat and base coat too!
- Use cream at night for hands and cuticles (I try, but this is a tough one... I have a hard time committing to a routine)
- Trim nails regularly, don't file them all the way down.
- Using gloves when you wash dishes... but this is impossible if you are an avid cook (like me- I also almost never use my dishwasher).
- Let your nails breath, don't cover them with polish all the time.

My top 5 OPI polishes- Big Apple Red, Lincoln Park After Dark, You Don't Know Jacques!, Dulce De Leche (a.k.a. Clean),  Bubble Bath
I hope you enjoyed this post. Give me your feedback, I would love to hear from you. I can't believe I just shared my nail secrets to the world!! hahaha

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