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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little less more, ... more or less.

A little less 'more', ... more or less.

This is my 2011 New Years resolution!

It basically sums up my last post, but I like the ring of my new slogan!

What's your new years resolution theme for 2011?

I just came back from a business trip in Quebec City. What a beautiful place to be during the holidays! While I was waiting in the airport, I bought and finished reading "Style- by Lauren Conrad" and I can honestly say that she is good at helping you "need less" in your fashion kit... She helps you create a list of the basics. That being said, her basics are quite expensive, but "less" items are needed... so this depends on your budget of course.
This book has reminded me work on my key pieces and avoid fashion bulimia... which we are all guilty of! (Does Winners ring any bells?!?). A good closet clean up and organisation can really help you rediscover some old favorite and new pieces that have been lost in the mix.
I will be busy this holiday season, cleaning up my closet, getting things tailored to fit and putting together some fabulous outfits not only for all the holiday parties in December, but mostly I'll be working on my looks for 2011.
I also need to learn to "Save up" for my wish list, not stock pile my debts :(
What about you? What are you doing for the holidays? What's your resolution?