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Friday, September 24, 2010

the asian arch... now in Ottawa

Hello my prittis,

You may or may not have noticed but Ottawa has recently recieved it's Asian Arch on Somerset right in the heart of China Town!

I was completely shocked when I saw it and wondered if I had not noticed it in the past. Here are some preliminary pics. It's still under construction.
It's really qute coulourfull and detailed beautifully. I think it adds some much needed architecture to the city.
I hope you get a chance to see it soon!
I had sushi during my visit to the C town. Read about it here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So, I dit it. I caved. I bought rubber boots. And I love them! It was a birthday gift.
Do you think I can justify paying more than $100 for a pair of rubber boots that you can get at Canadian Tire for $5!!

I wore them today, even if the weather has been beautiful since my purchase. I love how they squeak... maybe they're thirsty?

I tried on the Tretorns, but they fit funny and they don't bend enough at the ankle. The Hunters also have a sock that turns the boots into winter ones! That, or they try to help you justify your purchase. I went with a short original boot in grey. This way it will match my long navy blue rain coat from North Face. I can't wait for the rain! Bring it on mother nature :)

I also like how they are a London product... but I saw a made in China sticker on the bottom :S That's another story.

I wish I could have had rubber boots when I was a kid, I would definately have enjoyed the rain more!

If you are wondering about mmmBoots! as a title, it's an inside joke with my younger sister. It's from the movie MAFIA! (aka funniest movie ever!). The poor man opens the lid off a pot of boiling soup and say : Mmm boot soup! (while pulling the boot out of the pot).

One last thing, boots don't count as shoes do they :S... Oh brother, here we go again!

Monday, September 13, 2010

andré leon talley, srike a pose!

We often see this man commenting on runways and I always asked myself, "Who is this guys? and how do I get his status?"
Then I looked into it, and of course! He is the former editor for Vogue magazine in the U.S. He has over 25 years experience in this industry and has helped launch the carriers of many young tallent.
Interestingly enough, one of his first jobs was working for Andy Warhol, for $50 a week. Now that is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Happi belated K. Lagerfeld

On September 10th, we forgot to wish Karl Lagerfeld a happi birthday! Even though he hates them.

Hello my prittis, sorri for not posting in a while, I have been busy with work and not feeling myself lately. The good news is that I am back! And what better way to cheer myself up than blogging about Fashion History, just in time for NYC fashion week!

While I have been researching Karl Lagerfeld, it looks like there is some type of taboo about his age and his actual date of birth. It's either 1938 or 1933... but honestly, does it matter? This man is a genious and holds so much responsibility to keep us hungry for Chanel and Fendi. He is afterall the chief designer for over 25 years (at Chanel)!

Mr. Lagerfel is known for his silver slick back pony tail and dark glasses. He always wears a long black rench coat and looks super serious.

It is thanks to this German designer, who discovered Claudia Schiffer in 1990 and designed collections for Chloé, Fendi and much more.

In 2004, H&M featured a collection designed by Lagerfeld. I also remember seing a runway show done by him on the great wall of China, on Fashion Tlevision!

He is one of few original fashion icons that are left and he is not getting any younger. I wonder to whom he will pass along his fashion wisdom ? I am putting money on Marc Jacobs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

oh louis, how we love thee!

You can talk to someone from the North Pole and they will know what Louis Vuitton is. But the quetsion is, do you know who he is and how this great empire came to be?

Louis Vuitton Malletier (August 4 1821- February 27 1892), was born in Jura, France. At the ripe age of 14 he moved to Paris and eventually he was making and designing his own suitcases for royalty and even Napoleon. His unique trunk design was a flat top that enabled the suitcases to be stackable and the material he chose is what made the trunks water resistant rather than the rounded tops which could not be stackable. Imitation of the LV designs isn't a new thing, it started a long time ago.

In 1998, Marc Jac0bs was named art director along side Jae until today. He was the inspiration behond the cherry blossom design and the couloured monogram pattern.
Louis Vuitton is know for its famous brown and beige monogram, which is a laquored canvas material, not leather. This print has been reproduced and copied with so many itterations of the original design.

To learn more about LV fashion history, I would suggest this site.

There is a dispute right now on Wikipedia about the content on LV... it's quite a funny read :)

Do you own any Louis? Maybe a fake?

Tell me what is your favorite accessory? Wallet, clutch, purse?