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Friday, January 4, 2013

In hindsight 3

Hello my prittis,
It's been a while and look at us diving into another year. A new year, means new goals and new promises. Last January, as I was dying of an asthma virus, I took the time to blog a bit on evaluating my resolutions of the past year to see how I did.

Well let's just say, things have really changed. You can refresh your memory by referring to "In hindsight 2" one of my January 2012 posts.

Here is the official list of things I wanted and things I wanted to accomplish for 2012:

• A Kitchen Aid Food processor- Bought one on Beyond the Rack early that year. for a great price!

• A guitar and some lessons- Didn't get to do this, but it's still on my list!
• Perform at an open mic- "
• Get back into shape and lose 25lbs- Funny story. I am now 9 months and expecting our surprise baby on February 7th! So, as for losing weight, that did not happen. But, I was part of a study for promoting health and fitness to pregnant women and I am proud to say that I lost about 10 lbs of my own weight and only gained about 12 lbs from my pregnancy. I tried to stay active this year and hope to maintain this once I am on mat leave too :)
• Stay on track with my debt repayment, so far so good. 2 more years and I should be good! Well, S&*% happens, unexpected things like A BABY and car repairs really didn’t help me in this department. But the good news is that we are still on track... kinda.
• Finish some basic renos in the house- Nesting! This is a great way to finish up renovations and get your house baby ready! We did a lot of cleaning and purging to make room for baby too. We still have a little ways to go though. One thing at a time... plus you need to save up for renos!
• Blog more! Guilty, have been a bit lazy on this front. Once again, I will blame it on the pregnancy!
Here are some things I did accomplish that I am proud of:
  • Kicked butt professionally
  • Got pregnant and had a considerably healthy pregnancy with very little weight gain. (Terrified of giving birth, but we can talk about that in February!)
  • Got everything organized for the baby room
  • Rekindled some old friendships and made new ones too
  • Finally used my airmiles to get the DSLR camera of my dreams!
Lastly, can't start the year without setting some new goals:
  1. Get a guitar, get lessons (2012)
  2. Perform in an open mic (2012)
  3. Kick start my business as a Solidea representative
  4. Have an awesome maternity leave and bond with our baby!
  5. Come back to work and get that promotion I deserve!
  6. Become more active and lose the baby weight that I have gained
  7. Go on our first family trip
  8. Cut our debt in half by the end of the year
  9. Research and design the kitchen of my dreams and SAVE UP for it!
  10. Make more time for ME! I know this sounds selfish, but it's the root cause of not being able to take care of yourself if you are trying to stay healthy.

I highly encourage you to do this exercise, it's a great way to see if you can keep a promise to yourslef and what areas you need to work on! What are some of your goals?

Have a safe and happy 2013!