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Monday, October 24, 2011

It's time for makeup, candy and all things scary!

Halloween is probably everyone's most favourite time of the year, next is their birthdays then maybe Christmas.

Here are my top reasons why:

  1. Candy, chocolate, and more candy. Most of the time it's FREE!!
  2. Experiment with lots of makeup without feeling judged.
  3. It's FALL! The leaves are beautifully coloured. 
  4. The crisp cool sweater and boots weather is here!
  5. All things scary- decorations and movies!!
  6. It's gourd time- this means pumpkin muffins, squash soup and lots of delicious food!
  7. Most pressure to be original... creative costume ideas are difficult yet rewarding!
If you like Halloween for the other reasons below. I can not be your friend:
  1. An excuse to be a slutty ____ (insert profession here). This is a lame costume idea.
  2. When people get into character... too much and all night. That creeps me out.
  3. When peoples costume makeup is everywhere but on their face. Please don't touch me.
  4. The cost of making your own costume can be as expensive as buying one.
  5. The costumes in a bag... so hideous and lame (hippie, witch, cop... you know what I am talking about).
  6. People who don't dress up at all.
  7. When you google "original halloween costume ideas"... I am sure you will find a one of a kind idea! hahaha
Me and my husband's costume in 2010