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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So, I dit it. I caved. I bought rubber boots. And I love them! It was a birthday gift.
Do you think I can justify paying more than $100 for a pair of rubber boots that you can get at Canadian Tire for $5!!

I wore them today, even if the weather has been beautiful since my purchase. I love how they squeak... maybe they're thirsty?

I tried on the Tretorns, but they fit funny and they don't bend enough at the ankle. The Hunters also have a sock that turns the boots into winter ones! That, or they try to help you justify your purchase. I went with a short original boot in grey. This way it will match my long navy blue rain coat from North Face. I can't wait for the rain! Bring it on mother nature :)

I also like how they are a London product... but I saw a made in China sticker on the bottom :S That's another story.

I wish I could have had rubber boots when I was a kid, I would definately have enjoyed the rain more!

If you are wondering about mmmBoots! as a title, it's an inside joke with my younger sister. It's from the movie MAFIA! (aka funniest movie ever!). The poor man opens the lid off a pot of boiling soup and say : Mmm boot soup! (while pulling the boot out of the pot).

One last thing, boots don't count as shoes do they :S... Oh brother, here we go again!

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