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Saturday, January 7, 2012

in hindsight 2

Hello my prittis, 

Please read "in hindsight 1" before reading this post... you will see how it makes more sense.

I would like to review "a little less more, ... more or less". In this post I talk about simplifying your wardrobe and sticking with fewer, more valuable items in your closet that loading up on "meh" items. The amazing "quality not quantity" philosophy!

Well, clean up I did! I finally had my long awaited garage sale, which was a true lesson learnt. You pay $50 for something and desperately sell it for $1. If you can get over that major loss, you end up with $150 in your pocket after a long days work, and you are left with less trash in your basement. I love. I bought groceries with that money and it felt great!

I also sold many things on kijiji like my old iPhone, an extra camera I received from my parents... great way to earn a few bucks and help you buy the things you really want.

Now, 2011 was still a year of shopping and collecting, don't get me wrong. I bought lots of cool stuff at garage sales. I also picked up a lot of stuff on the side of the road (PROJECTS!!).

As for an official list of things I want and things I want to accomplish for 2012:
- A Kitchen Aid Food processor
- A guitar and some lessons
- Perform at an open mic
- Get back into shape and lose 25lbs
- Stay on track with my debt repayment, so far so good. 2 more years and I should be good!
- Finish some basic renos in the house
- Blog more!

Now that I have this all written down, it should help me stay on target. Here's hoping!

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