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Monday, January 16, 2012

trying Wen- day 1

Hello my prittis,

I hope you are are feeling better than I do. I have been sick with a virus, today is Day 10.
As much as it is supposed to be fun staying at home, I much prefer going to work. I have filled my time with lots of Parks and Recreation and too much daytime tv, which we all know sucks!

Today, however, was a slightly better day. I received my (frozen) "Wen" cleansing conditioner! And of course, I struck up the courage to get in that shower and test it out!

As you all have seen, I love me some infomercials, but I don't always cave in and buy them. I though this Wen stuff was a good price ($30) and should last me a few months. I think some of you are thinking "Is she crazy, $30 on shampoo!!"... but I have done much worse :S

Please note that this review is not a promotional one, I decided to test this out for all the curious women out there who do not trust it. Also note that when you buy this product online, you are committing to a replenishing supply of it, I bought a one time use bottle which costs just a bit more. I was upgraded to the "Fig" scented cleanser which is supposed to be more moisturizing that the typical almond one.

Okay, so the directions are quite detailed, but I tried to follow them as best as I could, seeing as my product was still frozen and the instructions are hard to read on the bottle.

So here goes: Rinse, massage product in, add splash of water, more massaging, comb through hair, clean up all the hair on the wall, leave in for 5 min, and rinse again. Add a bit as leave in conditioner if needed.

What I liked right away is that you can tell it's moisturizing but not oily. Hard to imagine, but you will get what I mean if you try it. What I would do differently next time is add more product, leave it in for longer and get a comb before I get in the shower!

I want to post a picture of my hair on day 1, but I am so sick and really, really unattractive... (p.s. I am not a vain person).
On the before/after pictures of the Wen site, they always use the 3 week mark. If I notice any changes before than, I will share some pics :)

Hope this review helped you guys!

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