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Saturday, January 7, 2012

in hindsight 1

Hello my prittis!
I was looking through my blog and was reminded of a few posts I made in late 2011. This is just over a year from now, which is a perfect time to evaluate my promises, hopes and aspirations for 2011.

Let's start with "me so greedy"which is my compilation of a want list for xmas. Although I said I wouldn't be greedy, somehow I managed to knock off a few things from the list!

  1. Still want a digital SLR camera, I just haven't had the time to do my research yet. I might use my air miles though :)
  2. I bought a chaise for the living room on Kijiji ($200). It's in mint condition and I love it! 
  3. Just bough the Adirondacks! Full price (these puppies do NOT go on sale). Amazingly worth the price. I sold the SORELS at my garage sale in May.
  4. Bought a black leather jacket on consignment (Extoggery- Toronto) for $150. Fits like a glove and it's a high end design.
  5. Don't need this Canada Goose Jacket. I have a nice one I bought at Joe Fresh!
  6. I can't justify this price for a Longchamps makeup bag. But I found a nice one, on sale, at the GAP for $15. I love it!
  7. Don't really want skis this year.
  8. My husband and I asked for help to buy a speaker system this xmas. We used all the cash and gift cards and bought an LG blue ray, dvd receiver 5.1 set (not BOSE :( ). It was a great price and it matches our tv. We spent $89 of our own money and we are happy with it.
  9. I bought a beautiful Armoire for the living room at the Ottawa Antique Show. I posted about it here
  10. Europe- YES! I still want to go. What I did to calm the urge of travelling was book a "Fake" trip to Italy. I planned my route, what cities I would go to, shopped for the cheapest flights. The thrill of doing that research alone was fun enough that I was able to delay the trip... until I have enough money saved up. Funny story- a colleague at work bought me a suitcase pandora charm for my birthday to encourage me to finally take a real trip to Italia! 

My prittis, I have to say I am impressed with myself. I managed to get many things crossed off my list, and at a fair price too. This is a very helpful and interesting exercise. I highly recommend it :)

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