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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oops...I buynt it!

Hello my prittis, 
Long time no chat!

So, I did something really dumb the other morning. "I know, why don't I make oatmeal, and leave it unattended, while I blow dry my hair to save time! Genius!"... not so much!

I buynt my stainless steel pot...paderno... expensive!

Naturally, I asked my "Google" toolbar for help "How to clean burnt pot". I watched a youtube video and tried it for myself. This was burnt milk from my oatmeal. It was sitting in water for 3 days and was pretty much a write off. I was really upset that I couldn't get any of it out.

Guess what- it worked!!! I took pics to prove it :)

Now I don't have to throw out my good pot!

I hope you can use this 2 minute trick. It works on stainless steel and casserole dishes too.

Have a great long weekend my prittis!


My buynt pot :(

Add some dish soap and a table spoon of soda

Add some water

Boil the concoction at high heat- watch out! Mine overflowed quickly! For casserole dishes, place in oven on high heat, but keep an eye on it. 

This picture was to show the steamy boiled concoction

Poor out water and start scrubbing with a brush- I used an abrasive brush because this was burnt milk! I was surprised that it works almost immediately. It was coming out in chunks. 

Add more soda and soap and a bit of water to make a paste, it scrubs better too.

A bit more elbow grease and presto! My beautiful pot is back to normal!

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