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Thursday, October 7, 2010

lumberjack chique

I was visiting Vancouver this week and had the chance to explore most of the city in one day. Pretty impressive?... it turns out that it's a walkable city... which I completely didn't realize.
Towards the end of my journey I made my way slowly into Gastown, which to me seemed like the SOHO of the Vancouver Island. Cute shops, cobble stones, great vibe!

I found an interesting store called Old Faithful Shop. I call it lumberjack chique.
It was gorgeous!

The owner was quite an interesting character. A little rude and snobish at first, but he opened up towards the end of our conversation and was quite pleasant. He was a polished lumberjack sporting an auburn beard, retro specs, and a new take on a sweet old man's sweater vest.

I asked him permission to take pictures of the store for my blog. He wasn't really thrilled with the idea and stated that he hates the up close shots of small objects and labels. I'm thinking to myself... THESE ARE MY FAVORITE TYPE OF SHOTS!!! Macro setting hello?!?

Anyways, so my pictures suck, 'cuz I was trying to stay cool yet try to capture the amazing things he had in the store. It was just like the outside came in. The old became new. And the unwanted became valued. That would be the general description that I have for the stuff in his store.

I bought my husband a pocket knife from France, two metal camping mugs with lids and a wilderness book... because he is a true lumberjack.... Not a polished one!

I don't want to give too much away and spoil my experience... but you really must check it out!

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