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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In hindsight 4

Wow it's been long, like really long! I must admit, when I had my son, I created a new mommy blog called "Not Another Momma", it's like Chapter 2 of my life. But I miss this blog, I really do.

I am so happy that I documented my resolutions or promisses to myself for the last 4 years. For someone who is obsessed with the idea that I will one day forget my memories, journaling my thoughts, ideas and life is the perfect exercise. Writing down your goals is also THE way to accomplish them.

All in all, 2014 was a tough, scary but exciting year for me. I am glad it's coming to end and I can start a new year.

Albeit 2 years too late, I will review my "In hindsite 3" New Years resolutions from 2013. Let's see where my life has taken me.

The following are the 2013 Goals that I had set for myself:
  1. Get a guitar, get lessons (2012)- Although I did get back into "playing" on my friends borrowed guitar, I would still like to do this more officially.  
  2. Perform in an open mic (2012)- Still on my bucket list... gotta find THE song, you know?
  3. Kick start my business as a Solidea representative... Umm, so maybe I didn't start Solidea, but I sure as hell started my Virtual Assisting and Small Business Consulting Company Go-to Girl!!! 
  4. Have an awesome maternity leave and bond with our baby! This one I struggled with. I had a nice maternity leave, but it was difficult because I kept working through it all. Then when I came back from work, I got LAID OFF!!! Thanks for that Women's Health Charity that shall remain nameless. Are you kidding me?? (I'm over it.) I also did not have success with breastfeeding which played a huge part in bonding with my son. I love him to bits, but I work hard at it :) I talk more about this on my mommy blog... if you care.
  5. Come back to work and get that promotion I deserve! Nope, I got "laid off".
  6. Become more active and lose the baby weight that I have gained Actually, I am now 16 lbs lighter than what I was before pregnancy. But I still have another 30 lbs to go!
  7. Go on our first family trip Mexico last New Years was difficult and amazing all at the same time!
  8. Cut our debt in half by the end of the year - More like debt free!!!
  9. Research and design the kitchen of my dreams and SAVE UP for it! Renos start Jan 19!!
  10. Make more time for ME! I know this sounds selfish, but it's the root cause of not being able to take care of yourself if you are trying to stay healthy. This one I am working on all the time, but it's getting there. Becoming a mommy takes a LOT of your time and leaves no room for personal time. Starting a business does the same thing. Attending networking events is the closest thing to a social life I have now. But I have made a million friends and feel so grateful for everyone's support around me :)
Ok, that's a lot crossed of my 2013 goals! Amazing what 2 years can do. Now for 2015... what's in store for me....
  1. Finish kitchen renos on time and on budget
  2. Lose 25 lbs (joined Weight Watchers  a few weeks ago and getting a personal trainer in January)
  3. Do more activities as a family (zoo, camping, vacations, road trips)
  4. Get guitar lessons
  5. Perform an open Mic
  6. Buy my husband a truck of his dreams (SAVE!)
  7. Get myself a new car (SAVE MORE!)
  8. Travel to Italy or Armenia (SAVE EVEN MORE!)
  9. Kick butt at Go-to Girl
  10. Nurture my plus-size fashion blog Mode XLusive
  11. 5 year plan... buy a second house, have another baby... a girl this time ;)
How about you? What have you accomplished? Man I feel good after writing this post!

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