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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

curious is me- 2

Because of my curious nature, as you can imagine I like to stare at people, allot... particularly on the bus! What else do you think I should be doing?! My iPhone keeps my ears busy, but what is keeping my eyes busy? You guessed it, staring!

So today I noticed a girl at the bus stop fiddling around with something. That something, I kid you not, was a disc man! Really a disc man? No wonder she had a back pack, how else are you supposed to carry back up batteries and all you favorie CDs?!

Did I mention that she was fiddling around with... the batteries, trying to figure out what way to put them in. They must have run out, poor girl.

I guess it was a nice glimps of the past, but the reason why that technology didn't last long was because it was so cumbersome and took so much space, not mention you had to hold it parallel to the ground so it didn't skip. How inconvenient. Unless you own a fancy one that has "Shock absorber" features, you are out of luck my friend!

Then I thought, maybe this girl doesn't have a computer? Maybe she can't afford an MP3? The point is, she looked happy with her mess.

Well, I gotta go take this call on my hands free cell phone, because I am too lazy to take my phone out of my purse and hold the phone to my ear.

"Hello?... Can you hear me now? Oh, I am on my hands free ear set. ... Hang on a sec, let me just take it off.."


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