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Sunday, August 8, 2010

me decorate pritti

Hello my prittis.

It's still a work in progress, but here is a glimpse of my living room.

The picture on the left is my favorite spot of the living room. If I had to choose one spot to look at, this would be the perspective I would choose.
- antique table purchased at the Ottawa Antique Show held at Carleton U, from "Brooklin Antique Warehouse" (HWY 12 and HWY 7 905-626-4115). Jeremy is the guys name, he refinishes all the old furniture. He has amazing stuff and is a real treat to deal with.
- lamp purchased at Home Sense, sitting on a stack of cook books.
- blue book Domino, best dual purpose decorating book (to decorate with and to get ideas for decorating)

The next picture is a shot of my entire living room. On the left side I have a huge 10x10 (curtain-less) window. I have to say, people are always looking into my window, maybe they like what they see :)

Oh, and the coffee table is from the same dealer as the side table. They are not a set, but they go well together. See the small table on the right of the couch, that's were I keep my laptop and I usually sit on the right side of the leather couch when I am on my laptop (that's where I am sitting now!). I spend allot time on the couch and on my laptop... :S I am not proud, just keeping busy.

I am not done with this room by any means, and I can't wait to show you the finished product. This project will keep me busy during the cold winter months.

What's your favorite spot in your house?

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