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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

curious is me

You know how they say curiosity killed the cat. Well... I am that cat, but not dead of course.

Honestly, what is my problem?

If you're gonna tell me you know something I can't know, I am better off not knowing that there is something I can't know. (phiouff...I hope you get that!)

"Come on", I say, "just tell me". I NEED TO KNOW!!

This phenomenon may explain why it's very difficult for me to be surprised. Because of my curiosity, I tend to be very attentive to small details.

The worst thing that can possibly exist is when you hear your name from far... Now my attention is devoted 100% to that conversation, no matter what! Good or bad, I NEED TO KNOW what they are talking about!!!

That's all for now.
Wait... I think I just heard my name! TTYL.

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