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Thursday, August 19, 2010

This too funni -3

The funni word is nincompoop. (nin'com-poop)

Doesn't this word just make you want to laugh.

Here are some fun facts.

Google it: If you google image the word "nincompoop" this is the first image that you get! Dead on!

The definition: n. A silly, foolish, or stupid person or a simpleton. (1670-80).
Also used interchangeably with nincompoopery (nin'com-poop'er-y) or the adjective nincompoopish (nin'com-poop'ish).

Unforetunately, the origine and the history of this word remain unknown, but there is specualtion that it may come from "non compos mentis" (insane mentally incompetent- 1607), but ethymologists disagree.

I guess we will never really know where this word came from, but I strongly encourage you to use this word.

"Can I have it in a sentence please?"

Give me your best shot!

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