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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've got a hunch...

As I have been doing my research in fashion history, I came accross a great blog that talked about what I wanted blog about too... the signature 'haute couture' pose- hands on hips, elbows bent, neck and shoulders forward, with back arched to the front.

If you have seen Carrie B in the SATC movie posing in the Dior wedding gown, you know exactly what pose I am talking about!
This pose has been around for decades thanks to Ms. Dorian Elizabeth Leigh Parker (picture above). Parker was considered one of the first American "supermodels" in fashion history. It is sad that Audrey Hepburn's caracter Holly Golightly was inspired by Dorian herself.
This pose is meant to elongate the neck and torso, while flattering your arms. Don't try to hide it, I have seen many amature models attempt this pose, but I have to say it only works if it's done right. And while it's meant to make you look leaner, it seems to only work on thin people.
The blog I found is called Osteoporosis is the New Black. It's quite witty I have to admit. This article goes on about how the "hunch" is a very common pose in the haute couture fashion industry.

This pose is very commonly use in Christian Dior Haute Models as well.

Do you have other favorite poses?

Do you agree with my comments?

Have you tried this pose?

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