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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

me dress by city

Typical scenario for me: Get home from a trip, unpacking my suitcase and wondering..."What possessed me to buy this? When am I ever going to wear this again?"

Okay gals, have you noticed that your style changes depending on the city your are staying in? Your taste completely adapts to your surrounding. Suddenly you are inspired to wear different things, you're telling yourself "Man, I'm gonna be so original and fashionable when I get home."
But who is kidding who? Can I really pull it off?

Take for instance my last trip to Florida. I actually bought a colourful bikini. My friends who know me well, know that I don't buy colour. Everything I own is black, white, navy, grey... you get what I mean. In the end, I am SO HAPPY WITH IT!! I LOVE IT!
My last trip to Jamaica, I bought a green t-shirt that has JAMA-on the front and ICA- on the back. Do you think I will ever wear that shirt again? Maybe to bed.
My last trip to Vegas, I bought a crazy pair of heels... I had to wait 2 years to actually wear them here to synchronize with the fashion trends in Ottawa.

I guess the point I am trying to make is... NEVER CHANGE YOUR HABITS!

These clothes bring back memories, stories and create the best conversations.
"Where did you get those shoes?... oh from my trip to Vegas"

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