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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

me travel plenti

Since I travel allot for work and for pleasure I thought I would prepare my "Top 10 things to bring when you travel".

  1. Sunglasses (picture: Dolce and Gabanna now for sale on kijiji)
  2. Passport (not for sale :P)
  3. Iphone with headphones
  4. Ca$h money
  5. Pen
  6. Havaiana flip flops (AMAZING and COMFORTABLE! They have been everywhere with me... if shoes can talk!)
  7. My Fendi satchel (consignment shop 50% off!) It fits everything!
  8. Rosebud salve purchased at Sephora
  9. H&M scarf. I call it "my Russian". It's huge! I luv it.
  10. Camera (picture: Nikon Coolpix now for sale on kijiji). Remember I bought my Cannon camera which is why my Nikon is for sale :P
P.S. Although I travel so much, did I forget to mention how much I HATE PACKING!!!!! But I am getting good at it :)

What's your top 10?

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