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Monday, July 26, 2010

This too funni- 2

Hello my pritti people!

I just wanted to share something funny for you to help you get through this rough Monday morning. I just find it hard to work when the weather is so beautiful.

My comment from my first post "This too funni" inspired me to compilate at top 5 "Kid slap videos". I know it's not right to hit poeple, but there is something so hilarious about kids slapping people or getting slapped (do not try this at home!!!).

So, I can't really find only kids getting slapped videos, which is probably a good thing, so I looked for my favorite slapping scenes in general


  1. Doritos- House rules
  2. 4 rooms
  3. Airplane- calm down
  4. Blue Streak- "Why you keep on slapping me mama!" (couldn't find the link!!!)
  5. Everybody hates Chris- "I smack you into..."

Please share your favorite slapping scenes with me!!

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