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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my "to do list" and mii

To do:

- blog about to do list

- take a pictures of my to do lists at work

- take a picture of my to do list on my iphone.

- email it to myslef

- upload pictures on laptop at home

- upload pictures on my post

- publish my post

- wait for comments

- delete item "Blog about to do list" from my to do list

If you look closely, I have 3 regular to do lists (top right corner above screen), one on the paper pad next to me, a white board with restaurant to do lists and I have one on my iphone, which I cannot take a picture of at this point in time. You can't see this but on some items I have "refer to I.T. to do list". Oh, this is my to do list at WORK only, not to mention the way I set up my emails/calendar at work is a form of to do list in itself...My to do list at home, is worse!!
Am I crazy? organized? process driven? am I scared of memory loss? WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!?

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