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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

me so broke-ii

Hello again my prittis.
I didn't want to have to go there, but judging by my 1 vote it looks like you want to hear about my problems. Well, I can't blame you. It's great hearing about other people's problems, because it makes your life seem so easy.

You know that saying..."blah, blah, blah, you would never want to switch with someone else problems in the end"... "blah, blah, blah, walking a mile in my shoes for a day.", "blah, blah, the grass is always greener on the other side.". The point is having problems SUCKS, no matter who you are.

Here are some of my problems:
  • Dept :$ (Did I mention I bought my house and got married all in the same year?)

  • Shopaholic (I shop because I am unhappy, and I am unhappy because I shop.... Ya right!)

  • Excessive renovation planning (I want my house to look like Sarah Richardson decorated it)

  • Delusional about everything!

  • Need to replace my car- something reasonable like a Honda or Toyota

  • Need to redo my kitchen- make all I can really afford is a facelift

  • Need to repair the bathroom- seriously, the walls are cracking and the tub is ugmo!

  • Excessive planner in general = no time to do anything productive!

  • Excessive NEED/WANT to travel (Do you realize how many countries are in Europe?... I haven't even scratched the surface!)

  • Excessive travel planning

  • Excessive streeming of entire seasons in an unhealthy amount of time

  • Awe man, I didn't want to go there but... My P.A.D.D ( Physical Activity Deficit Dissorder)

Before I started this list, I'm thinking to myself... "what should I put on this list? I don't really have any problems, do I?". By the end of this list, I am cutting my wrists and now clinically depressed. Just kidding!

Anyways, the conclusion of my list is that I am BROKE! But I am on track to paying off my debts, one post at a time. I promise. You just have to keep reminding me that I don't NEED a $2,000 chair, that my closet is full and I don't need to buy more shoes or purses or clothes for that matter. That I have to save up for my car if I want one.

Admit it though, you wouldn't tune in if my life was perfect!!!

Let's just say hypothetically that my total debt was $ X... I will attempt to give you a monthly financial statement so you can keep track of my progress!! Now I HAVE to be good! No excuses!

Have a great Tuesday everybody.

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