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Friday, July 9, 2010

me get readi

Last night I went out with my amazing friend "Yulia" for her 22nd birthday (for privacy purposes I have changed her name and her age.. haha). I have to say, we really looked faboulous. Sometimes you need to force yourself a little: makeup, hair, dress, pumps, clutch... the whole bit! It's worth burning your fingers on your curling iron and making a mess of your bedroom to find an outfit... the perfect outfit!

After rescheduling our reservation due to my wardrobe malfunction, we call a cab, it's starts to rain, but nothing is putting a damper on this night out.

We went out to one of the most amazing restaurants last night in Ottawa: Beckta! Now this place really isn't for everyone, and be ready to fork over a chunck of change. But I must say, every penny and every hour is worth the experience!

I will upload the images of my 5 course "Tasting Menu" on a seperate post once I get the pictures off my camera. I will try to take you on my culinary journey from last night. Good thing they give you the entire menu when you are done. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone what was on plate last night!

What a great night. We had such an amazing time. Great company, great food, great wine. It's worth the fuss.

Next event: eighteen for my birthday!!! Stay tuned.

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