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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music and me

It's Bluesfest in Ottawa. So many bands to see, so little time, so little money. You check the lineup online a few months before, check out who you really want to see. You put your plastic green accountant visor on and start crunching numbers. Your cost analysis- "Week pass V.S. individual ticket purchases".

This year my cost analysis was the same - $200 for the week or City and Colour, Archade Fire, Drake and Weezer for $50 each.

Last night, everything worked out as planned: got cheaper tickets to the show, got home, cleaned my closet (something I was putting off for a while... stay tuned for a post!), had dinner while Skyping with Nat for a few hours. My friends get to my house early, we decide to leave early to catch more shows. Find parking, have a great walk, get to the gates early, pull out the tickets to get them scanned. 1 WRONG TICKET!!!!!

WHAT THE??!! Call my night in shining armour, he goes home, gets the right ticket, drives it downtown, we WAIT!!!!!!!

This is what we watched while we waited... CAN YOU SAY AMAZING?! Who are these kids anyway? Suddently, time stops. We don't care anymore that we will be late for the Arcade Fire concert. To think I would have missed out on the most innocent Kids rocking out to classic rock 'n roll. They must have been 11 years old. The kid on the left was ripping a guitar sollo... like something out of a scene from "School of Rock". Do these kids even know who they are playing? I hope you enjoy a tidbit that I cought on camera for you guys. (Okay... so the video uploader is taking way too long, so here is a picture instead... sorry)

The good news is, we finally get our tickets, get to the concert and we only missed a few songs. Arcade Fire was simply spectacular. You know a concert is good when it makes you shiver and tear up. They basically sounded exactly like their CDs.

Factoid: Arcade Fire will be donating $1 million dollars to Haiti. Click here for more details.
Here are the lyrics to their song "Haiti". Enjoy.

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